jueves, 30 de diciembre de 2010

PDCK/EPIC/SANDOS Special guest at the BPM Festival

The biggest Electronic Music festival is now held in Playa del Carmen at the best clubs and beach clubs of Mexico.

Adam K
Air London Showcase w/ Nick Curly & Simon Baker
Carlo Lio
Chus & Ceballos
Crosstown Rebels w/ Damian Lazarus / Jamie Jones / Seth Troxler / Art Department
David Morales
Davide Squillace
Hernan Cattaneo
Laidback Luke
Lee Burridge
Loco Dice
Marco Carola
Richie Hawtin
Saeed Younan
Sean Miller
Steve Angello
Steve Lawler
The Cube Guys


sábado, 25 de diciembre de 2010

EPIC INFINIY 2011.....Powerfull....soon!

Hello guys,
Just wanted to let you know that the final prototype of the RENEGADE "infinity" just landed in the USA.
The production of the Renegade "infinity" will be ready by middle of February. We are going to make only 30 of them and so far we have 17 pre-booked.


P.S. People that tried the prototype "Infinity" before are going to love this one. Much more powerful then the previous one.

"Dimitri Maramenides"

jueves, 23 de diciembre de 2010

RRD Kite Demo Tulum 2010

Mickey from PDC Kiteboarding(Playa del Carmen), Riccardo from Rrd(Mexico), Marco from Extreme Control(Tulum).

Riccardo, Rrd Mexico.

lunes, 20 de diciembre de 2010

domingo, 19 de diciembre de 2010


SPARTAN 129x39 cm (Ultimate freestyle board) Is your freestyle warrior! This wood core board sports a concave bottom, ABS rails and flexible tips for explosive pop and ultimate efficiency. We've incorporated grab rails for those that like to poke our their grabs or for the big floaty board-off's. This high performance board was designed for the modern style of kiteboarding. We've spared no expense in construction for this ultra lightweight ride which will have you riding with speed, amazing upwind drive, and a pop that bucks you into next year! To help with the insane height, we've added a large sweet spot for super soft landings. You'll be scoring more tricks than ever before.

The name Spartan says it all. It was designed by Dimitri Maramenides to take the abuse of extreme riding and deliver! it delivers a good balance of grip and control for amazing board off's and a combination of wake style moves. You'll throw up massive spray in the turns, but be able to ride smooth and break loose when commanded. The Spartan is the freestyle weapon for today's riding.

Spartan key features:
.Full wood core, triple glass laminate, and reinforced with our secret ingredient
.Ultra light EVA memory pads
.Comfortable adjustment Straps
.G10, 4 cm fins
.Grab rail
.Ergonomic grab handle


Designed for:
Intermediate to pro level riders who want to take their riding to the next level.

The DROID 135X41cm (Amazing freeride & wakestyle)
For riders looking to excel in wakestyle or freeride, the DROID (135x41 cm) will provide! The Droid is a very lightweight and strong wood core board that provides smooth edging, balanced power, and easy control. An extremely fun ride that will take you to new heights, or hold a progressive edge like nothing else before. We took the perfect rocker, added a deep concave and variable flex to create a lively twin tip with direct yet relaxed feel. The wide ride will have you gliding upwind and not get bucked around by the chop. Wakestyle riders will enjoy the the predictable feel, effortless pop and acceleration through the progressive edge.

The DROID is designed for riders looking for versatile board that can handle the demands of wakestyle or the weekend cruiser.

Droid key features:
.Full wood core, triple glass laminate, and reinforced with our secret ingredient
.Ultra light EVA memory pads
.Comfortable Adjustable Foot Straps
.G10, 4 cm fins
.Ergonomic grab handle


Designed for:
Novice to advanced riders for all-around riding enjoyment

The OXYGEN 135x47cm (Light wind Machine)
All too often people believe that a larger kite will have them enjoying light wind sessions. What they don't realize is that by matching the right board and kite for those conditions is key. We designed the Oxygen as a way to offer a light wind solution in a boards that also delivers on performance. It is now possible to enjoy sessions in 8 knots! The Oxygen uses a flat rocker, wood core and flexible tips to provide a super comfortable, fun ride. But when the wind picks up, this board really shines. Predictable control, consistent edging and stable pop will have you enjoying powered moves.

The Oxygen is made from Wood Core Tech and advanced glass technologies taken from the snowboard industry that will have you enjoying light sessions with the Renegade Infinity. No more waiting on the beach for the wind to pick up... Grab the Oxygen and enjoy the light wind sessions with power and responsiveness.

Designed for novice to advanced riders for an all around light wind style. Schools will love this board because of it's ability to get on plane quickly and edge well, preventing some of those skip outs.

Oxygen key features:
.Full wood core, triple glass laminate, and reinforced with our secret ingredient
.Ultra light EVA memory pads
.Comfortable Adjustable foot straps
.G10, 4 cm fins and another extra set of fins 5cm for teaching or for novice riders
.Ergonomic grab handle


Designed for:
Teaching to Novice to advanced riders for all-round light wind style

martes, 14 de diciembre de 2010

Sandos Playacar Late PM session.

Busy at PDC Kiteboarding Home spot, Sandos Playacar Resort, Playa del Carmen,Mexico.

Excursion / Isla Blanca Kite Camp

Greg came all the way from Australia to learn Kiteboarding! Playa del Carmen was his choice destination after spending 2 long weeks in Cabarete....with no wind!

Darrell from Canada is now doing water start in both direction, very soon up and Riding!!! Congratulation!!

Gail and Stefen from Canada have now their IKO level 1 certification!! Next is Body dragging and Water start!!

Juan from Playa del Carmen is the happy owner of a brand new EPIC Screamer LTD 2010!!
Soon, one of our local Riders!! Felicitaciones Juan!

EPIC Kites is taking over the world of Kiteboarding in Mexico and around the world!!
The latest 2011 EPIC Kites are available for Demo at the Sandos Playacar Resort and IKARUS Kite camp!!

Just when we were leaving the Kite camp, 2 complete rainbows dropped right onto PDCK Deluxe Van! Amazing!

PDCK also teaches with the latest Wainman Hawaii Smoke and Boss Kites! Michel, PDCK Team Rider is enjoying the Ride!!!

martes, 7 de diciembre de 2010

Puerto Morelos follow Playa del Carmen Kiteboarding Rules establishment!

Gracias ala banda kitera de Puerto Morelos y despues de mucho tiempo intentando de organizar y reglamentar la actividad de Kitesurfing en la zona de Puerto Morelos, finalmente se accepto por parte de la Ciudad y Capitania un reglamento y zonas de lanzaje para los kiteros INDEPENDIENTES Y EXPERIMENTADOS!!
Felicitaciones por eso y aqui les va las reglas:

Tenemos dos spots principales:
Puerto Morelos (al N del Pueblo)
Punta Caracol

Limitado a 35 kiters en el agua al mismo tiempo.
Lo de los 200 mts. fue capitanía de puerto. Aquí no nos consideran embarcaciones, por lo que podemos navegar cuando el puerto está cerrado.

En toda el área norte de lo que comprende el PNAPM (Parque Arrec. P. Morelos) que por cierto, llega hasta el Moon Palace, es posible lanzar kites (con la anuencia del concesionario), pero en ningún lado se permite enseñar.

Los kiters visitantes (no locales), deberán comprar su brazalete por usar el parque nacional. Lo podrán adquirir en el centro de Puerto Morelos, del lado del mar, junto a los militares.

Pronto, instalaremos los letreros como se hizo en Playa del Carmen.

From Beach rules sign

No news....good news.....!

Playa del Carmen Kiteboarding center has been very busy between the Sandos Playacar Resort home spot and many excursion to Isla Blanca Laggon with our friends from IKARUS Kite camp. Lot of riders and lot of students for a very early wind season in the Riviera Maya!

sábado, 27 de noviembre de 2010

jueves, 25 de noviembre de 2010


We received those last days some amazing Kiteboarding gear at PDC Kiteboarding.
Christophe got his new 2011 EPIC Kites Quiver with the 2011 EPIC Screamer 7m and 2011 EPIC Screamer Ltd V2 10m.Two very fast Kites, amazing upwind performance, massive pop and fast turning!
For the most demanding riders!!!!!!
From Week Highlights

From Week Highlights

From Week Highlights

From Week Highlights

From Week Highlights

From Week Highlights

Those amazing kites have arrived in Mexico and Playa del Carmen and are available to demo and for sale at the Sandos Playacar Resort and Kiteboarding facility in Playacar Hotel Zone, as well as at IKARUS Kite shop at corner btw 5th avenue and 20th street.

Crazy week at the Sandos Playacar Kiteboarding School

This week has been very windy and very busy for all of us here in Playa del Carmen.
Few pictures about the highlights of the week with PDC Kiteboarding.

Chiropractor Joseph Will got his new toy, the 2011 Wainman Hawaii JOKE board!!!
His words: "Amazing!"
Dr. Will can be reached at the SANAR Clinic on Tuesday afternoons:984-803-2039
Sanar Clinic

From Week Highlights

From Week Highlights

From Week Highlights

PDC Kiteboarding is the Wainman Hawaii Authorized dealer for Playa del Carmen/ Cancun Area in Mexico.
The Beat gear at the best prices!!!!!
Contact pdckiteboarding@gmail.com for Christmas special deals!!!

viernes, 19 de noviembre de 2010

martes, 16 de noviembre de 2010

Guest from the sky...

Paramotor is a generic name for the propulsive portion of a powered paraglider ("PPG"). It consists of a frame that combines the motor, propeller, harness (with integrated seat) and cage. It provides two attachment points for the risers of a paraglider wing that allows for powered flight.

The pilot controls thrust via a hand-held throttle and steers using the paraglider's brake toggles similar to sport parachutists

Merci a nos amis Quebecois pour passer nous visiter au Sandos Playacar et voler avec nous! Super sympa!

sábado, 13 de noviembre de 2010

Family Kiteboarding!

From Steve/Samuel IKO certified!

Felicitacion a Steve pour obtenir sa certification IKO niveaux 3 et a son fils Samuel, 11ans, pour obtenir sa certification IKO niveaux 2!!

viernes, 12 de noviembre de 2010

Samuel 11 ans. IKO Niveau 1.

Felicitation a Samuel pour son premier niveau de certifiaction IKO!
Control du kite sur la plage 2 mains et 1 main!
Premiere nage tractee dans la mer!
Equipment: EPIC Renegade 6m/ 15m lignes.
Instructeur: Michel.

martes, 9 de noviembre de 2010

Happy birthday Tom! 29... y un kite!!!

Tom tuvo la buena sorpresa hoy de regresar en casa con su nuevo juguete, un EH EZE 11m, que se los regalaron Javier y sus amigos ademas una introducion al Kitesurf con PDC Kiteboarding en el Sandos Playacar Resort!!!
Aqui unas fotos de la sorpresa!!

Nos vemos esta semana para empezar el curso IKO y volar este Kite!!

lunes, 8 de noviembre de 2010

Playa del Carmen/ Isla Blanca Kiteboarding

It has been a very busy busy Kiteboarding week with 4 staight days at Isla Blanca Kite Camp with Ikarus Kiteboarding, many riders from Canada, USA, Germany and Mexico !
Wind condition has been perfect, from the Nuclear 36.3 knots during the first day till our last Sunday excursion with 15/25 knots wind speed!
Lot of happy students getting up on the board!!! Congratulations!!!

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