jueves, 28 de octubre de 2010

Dimitri s Slyle!!!

Dimitri Maramenides in one of his signature Tricks!!!
The next photo is Dimitri doing the same move last year when he came to visit us at Isla Blanca Lagoon, north of Cancun, Mexico.

Trick Terminology: This is where you ride along toeside, and send the kite launching into a front roll grabbing the nose of the board with your back hand, landing on your heelside and riding off in the opposite direction. This video features Dimitri Maramenides filmed in China at the Kiteboard Tour Asia (KTA) event.

Spot: Isla Blanca Kite Camp/Ikarus.
Rider: Dimitri Maramenides.
Photo: Mickey Roy.

lunes, 25 de octubre de 2010

Championnat de france de freestyle 2011

Le championnat de france de kite freestyle à été lancé hier à Canet en Roussillon et cette année les riders sont venu en nombre avec 28 seniors homme, 24 juniors, et 12 seniors femme. Hier le vent n'était pas de la partie mais aujourd'hui 25 noeuds sont annoncé et pas moins de 40 noeuds pour demain.

Voici le programme officiel:

Samedi 23 Octobre :

10h00 : Ouverture du Village Glisse

10h00-18h00 : Animations dans le Village Glisse, test matériel.

10h30 : accueil des coureurs, dernières inscriptions si nombre de
participants <62, distribution des lycras, tirage au sort des heats…

12h00 : Briefing des coureurs avant les courses au Village Glisse.

13h00 : Premier départ possible.

13h00-18h30 : compétitions, démonstration de la S.N.S.M.( en
fonction de la météo )

20h00 : Paella géante offerte par l’ organisation, aux coureurs,
bénévoles et sponsors de l’ épreuve. Sous la tente du Village Glisse.
22h : pot au S’ noop pub ( sous réserve )

Dimanche 24 Octobre :

10h00-18h00 : Animations et tests matériels dans le Village Glisse.
11h30 : inauguration suivi d’ un apéritif en présence des élus, des
partenaires et des exposants (Brasucade de moules, offert par les
ostréiculteurs de l’ hérault )
12h00 : Briefing des coureurs avant les courses au Village Glisse.

13h00 : Premier départ possible.

13h00-18h30 : compétitions, démonstration de la S.N.S.M. ( en
fonction de la météo )

19h00 : soirée libre

Lundi 25 Octobre :

10h00 - 18h30 : compétition , animations dans le village glisse

Mardi 26 Octobre :

10h00 -18h30 : briefing coureurs, compétitions, animations dans le
village glisse.
21h00 : soirée offerte par tshotsh, partenaire, au camping les

Mercredi 27 Octobre :

10h00 -16h00 : briefing , compétitions, podium, remises des
coupes au Champion de France 2010 , Junior et Open

Les jours sans vent : démonstration de wakeboards, initiations et
course de paddle board, beach volley :
animations en permanence au village glisse,
avec « KangourHOP » ( animations sportives inédites ) trampoline,
buvette, snack bar, stands exposants, différentes marques de
kitesurf, sportswear, les ateliers du vent, Chiropracteur etc…

viernes, 22 de octubre de 2010

Sandos Playacar Kiteboarding Spot.

What a day!!! Riding the whole day with the Screamer 9m.....this is a machine!!!
Luv this kite!!!!

EPIC Screamer and Renegade to Demo!!!
The 2011 gear will be ready to demo in a week!!!!

Equipment Rental all day long for already certified Kiteboarder o experienced Riders!!

Friendly atmosphere and quality services at PDC Kiteboarding Center, the Only Authorized Kiteboarding School in Playa del Carmen!!!

The condition are now perfect almost every day at the Sandos Playacar Resort and Kiteboarding Facility in Playa del Carmen, Mexico.
Full IKO certification courses available daily, courses given in English, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and Finnish!!!

lunes, 18 de octubre de 2010

Isla Blanca October early session!

The wind has come very early this year in Mexico and gave us some amazing session early during October.
PDC Kiteboarding already went to 5 Isla Blanca excursions to provide the best wind condition to our students.

Congratulation to Julianne and Jonas who got their IKO Level 3 certifications with us!!!
Congratulation to Lincoln, next session for you will be at Sandos Playacar Resort Kiteboarding beach!!
Congratulation to Yvonne, got up and riding both side now!!! Now time to get in the ocean and practice in the chop/waves!
And thanks to all the others who came to enjoy and Ride with us!

The Playa del Carmen Rabbit Gang came with us to the Lagoon to enjoy their Wainman Hawaii Boss and Smokes!!! The new Wainman Kites are coming early in 2011....don t tell anybody this is still a secret. Contact pdckiteboarding@gmail.com for more info and purchase at special price!

Everybody love the EPIC Renegade!!! The 2011 EPIC Kite line will be ready to demo in a week!!!

We could also try and fly the 2011 Airush Razor C shape Kite, super fast Kiteloops, great unhooked kite with a huge lift!!! Thanks Foka!

domingo, 17 de octubre de 2010

La vidéo du run d'Alex Caizergues

Voici la vidéo du run d'Alex Caizergues qui pulvérise les records de vitesse à la voile sur 500m en passant la barre des 100km/h. (Images Band Originale)

martes, 12 de octubre de 2010

Wainman Hawaii New Board Collection!!!

Continuing the huge success of the 1st Blunt edition, we are pleased to present improved Blunt II with a changed construction, new graphics and accessories. The new Blunt, produced in our new factory in Austria, is slightly heavier but now "totally" bomb proof. Still, this is the same great, skinny board, as dragless, as smooth, as edgy, and as sick for strapped freeride as the original Blunt was. No matter if it's flat, wave or choppy water – the Blunt will do the job! Blunts will be supplied with 5cm fins, new thermo foam pads and straps, grab handle, tool bag and of course board bag. New Blunts are available in 4 sizes: 125 x 39 cm; 130 x 40,5 cm; 135 x 41,5 cm; 137 x 43,5 cm.

Though this wakestyle oriented revolutionary board is causing many pro-riders wanting to switch their sponsors, it is also great all-round board for intermediate riders. The most revolutionary board in Wainman Hawaii range and probably the most innovative on the market, on the first look gives you the thought of a wakestyle/newschool board and though our inspiration in designing this board, was to make Niccolo’s great riding even better, but in the end we have also perfect tool for advanced/intermediate amateurs who want to make a progress. Fast riding, insane pop, finless riding and the smoothest landing in the industry. These features together with pretty big rocker gives direct feel and top performance. Jokes will be supplied with shorter 4 cm fins, new thermo foam pads and straps, board bag, tool bag and is ready to be ridden with wake bindings. Jokes are available in 3 sizes: 134 x 40,5 cm; 138 x 41,5 cm; 142 x 42,5 cm.

Wainman Hawaii is proud to present new series of surfboards shaped by famous waterman from Hawaii - Sean Ordonez. The greatest shapes and high technology used for production of those waves toys, are so good that Niccolo, Bertrand use with no effects to their riding production ones instead of their previous custom boards. But in fact not only pros will feel the difference but specially average rider will appreciate them. This time we are coming up with 3 models (8 sizes all together): Magnum - continuation of our classic last year surfboard model, Gambler – new style shape, which refers to last year WIDE series and Passport - new shape, designed for strapless and paddle surfing.

We have no doubts the our actual selection of boards will cover demand of almost 100% riders. Everyone can find the most suited board for his need and have as much fun as possible. We are sure that same way Rabbit kites are changing kite standards in the air, our boards will do the rest and change people’s expectation to those piece of equipment that usually stays in the water.

lunes, 11 de octubre de 2010

Tropical Storm PAULA!!! Oupsss!

Se ha desarrollado la tormenta tropical "Paula" en el Mar Caribe, su centro se localizó hoy 11 de Octubre a las 16:00 hora del centro, aproximadamente a 540 km al este-sureste de Chetumal, Q. Roo., se desplaza al noroeste a 15 km/h con vientos máximos sostenidos cerca de su centro de 95 km/h y rachas de 110 km/h.

Su amplia circulación comienza afectar el oriente de la Península de Yucatán, con nublados acompañados de chubascos y lluvias de moderadas a fuertes en sur de Quintana Roo y lluvias de ligeras a moderadas en Campeche y Yucatán. Soplarán vientos del este y noreste de 20 a 50 km/h con rachas y oleaje ligeramente alto en la zona costera del sur de Quintana Roo.

domingo, 10 de octubre de 2010

Playa del Carmen Wind season has arrived!!!

This is very early for the season but the wind is here and blowing everyday now.
Courses a starting already as well as equipment rental for the already certified riders.

We, at PDC Kiteboarding, have been riding for the last week at the Sandos Playacar Resort Home spot and Isla Blanca Lagoon Kite Camp with 9/11m Kites !
Conditions are great, water is still warm and wind is very constant. Nice!!!!!

Here goes the forcast for the next days in Playa del Carmen, it will change often as this wind is due to an elongated area of low pressure located about 180 miles east of the coast of Micaragua:

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