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Hydrofoil/foil boarding kite lessons.

   There is a lot of hype going around recently about Foil boards or also referred to as Hydrofoiling. It is by far the most difficult aspect of kiteboarding at the moment, and is very popular because of its efficiency on (Over!) the water! It has been around for kiteboarding almost 9 years already, but has only started to hit the main stream for about the past 2 years now. There are many more manufactures getting into producing boards, making it widely available for the public. All though the Hydrofoil has been around since the 60s for going behind boats or surfing, it was not widely known for kiters until recently for its efficiency and gliding like feel over the water :)

  Kiteboarding or Kitesurfing has not been around for very long, and it must be the fastest growing watersport ever! Thinking about how much the equipment has evolved over the past years is insane!
Going from directionals, to twin tips, with boots or straps, high performance coarse race boards and now foil boarding is a lot of improvement on boards the past years. I will not even get into the actual kites, this is for another time!

   It is very technical to ride the foil board, you almost have to re-learn and start from scratch with your board skills. The way you lean back against the kite for normal twin tip riding is not going to work at the beginning. Your weight has to be very much shifted over top of the board with a wide athletic stance, putting a lot more pressure on your front foot then you would ever imagine! The first couple of rides may be like riding a wild horse, you will need to tame the beast, but could take some time. I Highly recommend taking lessons from a professional to avoid possible injuries and increase the learning curve, since very little adjustments and tricks will have a big impact on the learning curve.

The Foil board is definitely the fastest way to get around on the water with a kite, it has little to no drag on the water and allows you to go in very light wind. We are able to go possibly 3X faster then the wind speed, now thats efficient! The moment a kite will fly and you can get enough power to get your self for seated to standing, you are good to go! Once you get the board up on the Foil you will take off like a rocket! This is what appeals to me the most, is being able to get out in winds you would never dream about going in. The degrees of angle you can take in or out of the wind are limitless with almost no effort.

  At PDCkiteboarding school, I will personally be offering foil LESSONS! Lessons will not be for everyone, since its very technical and high risk. If you have learned to kiteboarding already, you will be able to learn this! Very good kite skills are needed, as well as light wind kite handling, since we do not want to be very powered up. Being able to fly a smaller kite then needed in marginal winds is a requirement. There are many skills you will need to pick up before mastering the art of foiling! There are a few key points and other small tips that will make your progression much quicker and less painful! Everyone I have ever taught with good kiting skills, have all learned safely and efficiently, with lots of fun ;)!

Please contact me for pricing and availability!
Ask me about Foil boarding! Videos coming soon!  Stay tuned!

Dylan :)

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