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Things to do in Playa del Carmen

   In the Riviera Maya there is a wide variety of activities to do with the family or solo for those days with no wind, even on a windy day! We just prefer to do these things when its not windy so we can kite. You can book private tours, go along for the ride with 100s of others on a tour bus or get local and jump on a Colectivo (Local bus) to your next unknown destination.  There are too many things to mention for one write up, I could keep going on and on so I will keep it simple and tell you the things I feel are really worth it ;)

   Something famous about the area you should know is that the whole Yucatan Peninsula is made up of limestone. Under and in the limestone there is a whole underwater world that consist mostly of fresh water. Rain water filters through into underwater rivers and collects in various sink holes called Cenotes, eventually running out to the ocean. Every Cenote and cave is all connected, and this is what we are looking for!  If you come to the area you have to go to at lease one of the thousands we have around. Whether it is for a quick dip to cool off, snorkeling,  Stand up Paddle on top or more interesting, cavern or cave diving. 

   People come from all over the world just for Reef, Deep, Wall, Night, Shark, Cavern and/or cave diving in the area. Just in front of us we have a stretch of the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef System landing along the island of Cozumel. This makes for some amazing diving. If you are an open water diver you can do a single or double dive in an open cave to some very popular and beautiful caves. It’s definitely something out of this world when you are in there looking out of this massive cavern. To get into cave diving you will need some more time and a much higher level of diving, it’s a very technical dive with no room for error. The diving with the bull sharks is also something you should try while breathing underwater!!

   Snorkeling might be more for you and the whole family to enjoy together. Number one destination for some easy snorkeling would have to be in Akumal with the turtles! It’s a 100% chance you see a turtle or 15! There is also a reef on the outside you can swim to and see many different tropical fish. There is a restaurant on site with cold beer and ceviche, a Mexican kitchen everyone can appreciate. For a bit more of excitement and to make a day out of snorkeling you can visit the whale sharks from May until September. One of the biggest migrations of  these huge sharks passes close by reaching possibly 800 or more swimming passed us though out the season.

   If you come to the land of the Mayas you will have to visit one of the many archaeological sites. Its not just a big pile of old rocks, it’s a lot of history built thousands of years ago! The pyramid called Coba is still open to the public for climbing. It has 130 steep and high steps till the top! Once on the top you will feel like you are on top of the world. It’s a very flat landscape, so not very hard to be on top of the world around here ;)

   Almost forgot to mention one of our top no wind activities!! The Stand Up Paddle boarding tours! This is great fun for everyone to enjoy. You get to experience a beautiful Cenote while getting a bit of exercise with this very popular easy sport. You get to SUP on the top of the Cenote and if you feel up to it you can get in the bay with the waves ;) We throw in some snorkeling and to top it all off we sit down for lunch.

    If you are not a certified diver yet, you can learn quickly and safely starting with baby steps on a PADI program. We do all of our diving and all other activities with Gilles at Playa Private Tours. Gilles handles everything with tons of care and love. Highly recommended by everyone that has done anything with him ;) I have only scratch the surface of what is possible in the small area around us. If you would like to hear more about it, Contact Me and lets explore more of the area and see what is for you!

         What about the Windy season you say? 

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