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Windy season in Playa del Carmen. When? How? What? Where? Who?!

   Most of you will know that the wind is not forever and always blowing all over the world. There are some places that are more consistent then others, but all spots have a specific time thats better then another. In the Riviera Maya, we have a pretty long and good season for wind. It starts slowly after the hurricane and rainy season. October is when WE start to get our wheels in motion getting ready for the season. October is a perfect time to get going, since the rain has stopped and the wind starts to fill in, we get a nice taste of whats to come!

     The windy season in Playa del Carmen is best from October until the end of May. We get a pretty reliable system that is easy to keep track of and schedule with. To start it all off the EL NORTE comes rolling in, from you guessed it, the north! Its a cold front that comes with a punch. This could and should last for at least 2 days with winds from 18-38 knots and temperatures as low as 12°C in the NIGHT to 20°C in the day. 20°C during the day in the dead of winter may not seem cold to a northerner, but when you are used to sunshine 30°C and board shorts, it can get a bit nippy! With saying that I would suggest to bring a shorty or even a long 3mm wetsuit for the El NORTE days! The north wind blows off-shore along the whole coast, for this reason we do not teach out of our home spot in Sandos Playacar Resort. This is when we make our famous excursion to a flat water lagoon past Cancun for the day. Its an early start to a great windy day on the lagoon, all organised by yours truly!

   The El Norte starts to slow down after a couple of days, it heats up with the East wind and swings Side-on shore for nice flat perfect day in Playa del Carmen. These are the days we are looking for, winds ranging from 14-25 knots. We more then often get around 16-20 consistent fresh wind. It gradually over a coarse of 1-2 weeks starts to swing more onshore and go all the way around to South South east wind, side onshore from the other side. This could last 2-4 days. Then comes EL norte again to swing us around for another cycle.

   I always get asked when is the best time in the season to come to Playa del Carmen, Cancun or Tulum for kiteboarding . The best months are generally the middle months from December until April. Its always a case of hit or miss with any destination in any season. Last season for 2014/15 we had wind almost every day from end of November until the very last day of May. This up coming season should be similar to the last or even better :)

  This is why Kiteboarding is so passionate, you can spend a lot of time chasing or waiting for the wind. I often quote William Arthur Ward "The pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist expects it to change; the realist adjusts the sails." Adjust your sails people and go for the ride the wind takes you on, whether it be waiting around or pumping up your favourite toy!

  What to do on non windy days?:
  Where we are in the off season?

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Kiteboarding season in Mexico.
Kitesurfing season in Mexico.
Mexico Kitesurfing season.
Mexico Kiteboarding season.

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