miércoles, 7 de octubre de 2015

Back in Action!

    We are home and Open for the windy season in Playa del Carmen. October is the slowest month we have in the season since the wind is not full on yet. There are windy days here and there. It sure is beautiful here at the moment, nothing but sun shine!

We have been busy this past week. We want to make sure everything is in perfect working order and looking good. Checking and re checking all equipment before using them for lessons., testing out new teaching gear for light wind and children. Just maintenance all around for the shop in general for an over all better feel and vibe ;)

At the moment we are having ideal conditions for our SUP rentals and tours. In the windy season its not often we get butter flat cristal clear waters to paddle on in front of our shop, mainly we get out on the Cenotes for our tours. Im not a huge fan of SUP on the flat water, I tend to enjoy a little more waves and challenge! However, these days have been extremely nice, you are able to see the bottom anywhere you go. Its pretty spectacular :)

Today I fully tested our new Flysurfer 4m/6m 4 line foil kites. We are super excited because we are able to fly these babies in VERY light winds, winds we would normally stand around for not being able to do anything with our students besides set up! Now we can fly and give the same sensations as a larger SLE kite would.
They are very safe, easy to fly and even relaunch off the water. We will be using these kites for all beginner lessons with kids and students that are maybe a little bit scared of the whole thing!

You can look at the short video here on our Facebook Page!!

We expect great things this season, I hope you get the chance to join us :)

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Dylan :)
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