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Wind in Playa del Carmen / Wind Forecast Playa del Carmen

How can you find the most reliable wind forecast for Playa del Carmen?

We always use for the most accurate wind reading in the area. Before you go checking WindGuru Playa del Carmen forecast there is something you need to know.
2 years ago WindGuru Playa del Carmen was working just fine, and it was what we would look at for all winds in this area. Suddenly, from one day to the next the forecast did not look like it was going to be good, the wind stats dropped from 14-19 knots to 8-12 knots. :(   The next day to our surprise the wind was still good, and much more than the Playa del Carmen wind guru was predicting. This was the case for the whole week, and the next! This is still the case. For some reason, the WindGuru started to grab data from an unreliable source in Playa del Carmen. 

    So, for all wind updates and for best results we, at Playa del Carmen Kiteboarding, always look at WindGuru Isla Blanca Cancun.  Although this is the forecast for Cancun, we get the same winds and strength, since we are along the very same coarse and only 60km away. For sure there are days we get more wind and Cancun gets less wind or vice versa, its just a predicted forecast. I have been following the forecast and been on the beach almost everyday for the past 2 years, and WindGuru Isla Blanca Cancun is the most accurate forecast for Playa del Carmen winds.  
I will never look at Windguru Playa del Carmen as it is way off! 

HERE is what Playa del Carmen wind Guru is predicting for this week.
Wind starting to come from the NE on sunday and turning to the South east till Friday.
If you notice the wind says 8-12 knots on Sunday and Monday!
Lucky for us this forecast is incorrect. 
⬇          ⬇          ⬇          ⬇          ⬇          ⬇          ⬇          ⬇          ⬇          ⬇          ⬇


Link mentioned this is the forecast from Isla Blanca Cancun, it has a much better reading of the wind.
This is the wind we will also get in Playa del Carmen.

⬇          ⬇          ⬇          ⬇          ⬇          ⬇          ⬇          ⬇          ⬇          ⬇          ⬇   

As you can notice the wind direction is accurate and both predict the same, its just the wind strength for Playa del Carmen prediction is off.  

So please disregard all readings from Playa del Carmen wind  forecasts as they are incorrect. 
We are losing kiters around our area, and some kiters are leaving their gear at home because of viewing the wrong forecast with low inaccurate readings.

I hope this clears some things up for all wind lovers traveling to our area that are worried that we have less wind then the areas around us! 

Hope to see you soon :)

I hope to also be posting more useful kite travel info for Mexico in the near future :)

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