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Kiteboarding Spots in Playa del Carmen, Riviera Maya, Mexico

    Playa del Carmen has a lot of kiteboarding Spots to offer for more experienced riders. The reason we have Our School located at the Sandos Playacar resort is because it is the widest and longest beach available in Playa del Carmen, making it safer, easier and much more fun to learn. We also have professional IKO instructors on site everyday to make sure everything is going smoothly along with many other perks and treats. However, if you are looking for other locations and to kite in less kite specific beaches where you can launch your kite and have some fun on the water, I will mention a few locations for you.
   Please note that all these beaches I will talk about here are not locations for teaching, they are by law spots open to local kiters as well as visitors for personal use only. I will list some guide lines to make sure these spots remain open for public use for everyone to enjoy for years to come. We hear to often that simple safety rules are neglected and for these reason spots will be closed for our lovely sport.

   Our spot at the Sandos Playacar is the last beach in the south, the first spot I will mention is located in the north just slightly off the right side of this map above. The reason this is the closest beach to us, is because in the hotel zone there are many resorts, and all resorts have roped off swimming areas, and its prohibited to kite in these areas for obvious reasons. Please keep and eye out if you end up doing a down winder to visit us or just end up losing ground.

 The kite spot is close to the pier that runs the ferries to the island of Cozumel and back. This spot is called Playacar Fase 1, and is a popular local beach to sun bathers and swimmers alike. This beach is open for kiters. You need to stay a  MINIMUM of 500m away from the ferry dock at all times no matter what. Please take in consideration which way the wind is to take the right amount of space incase of wind dropping down or kite crashing down!

   Locals set up about 700m south of the dock (Blue Star) and kite all around the free open space keeping away from the dock! Like all kite spots, please get help to launch and land your kite, no jumping on the beach with the kite, and/or power stokes. Keep a very fair distance from the beach, keep all riding and tricks a minimum of 50m away from the beach and/or swimmers. Swimmers have priority like always.

Click the Photo to get full image. Click on kitespot name to open google maps for a real view!

   If you ever see a local at any of these spots mentioned, please approach them and ask for advise and get to know them. The locals are very friendly and should be willing to help to be able to keep these spots open and safe. Don't hesitate to ask for help from the local kiters :)

   The next available spot open to kiters is 3.2km North with a local name of Coco Bay. Way back in the day our kiteboarding school was the one and only, this was our beach for teaching! Until the beach became to small and they put up a fence we decided it was not suitable for beginners to learn.
   Coco Bay is less crowded with beach goers and swimmers. The beach is very narrow for launching and landing with a fence at the edge of the properties. Also be aware of entering the water as in most spots there are rocks on the edge of the shore, not sharp, easy to avoid and no sea urchins that I know of! In the south ( red lines) is where the populated town and popular beaches are, please stay away from the beach as it is very crowded on that side and kiteboarding is prohibited in these areas.
Just before that is the reef and Marina with tied off boats from the local fisherman and dive companies. This would be an obstacle you will want to stay clear of, as well as the reef that protects the boats, its shallow and sharp. In the north some ways out, there is another shallow reef you will want to stay clear of, its shallow with plenty of sea life, there are local snorkel tours and divers that will be close by this reef. 

 The last spot in Playa del Carmen accesable to the public and kiteboarding use is a little bit more of a tight spot, with very little space to launch and rocky shore and reef. Xcalacoco (SH-Cala-coco) I am not as familiar with, but here is the advise I can give!
  To get to this beach you have to take a right at the last stop light leaving Playa del Carmen.

    Xcalacoco beach has only one public entrance where the red line is indicated on the map. Just on the south side there is a small stretch of beach where you can launch your kite and get out over the rocks. You can also take a walk down to the north side just past all the hotels and launch your kite in that open area. Please be carful of the docks/piers and swimmers again. 

   All the beaches have the same rules of how far you can kite from the beach and all normal safety measures you should take at any spot you go to. Remember to ask the locals for advise if you catch them!

   We offer trips around the Riviera Maya to discover these locations along with others further out to the south and to the north. We provide transportation and a professional instructor as a guide, you can also hire the instructor for the day to help you build confidence and learn some new things along the way.

Contact me for more information if needed, see what group and trip we have going out next that you can join!

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