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Playa del Carmen kiteboarding 2016/17 team!

The windy season is just around the corner!

We are really excited to get the windy season on its way and start getting everyone out on the water! We have new things in store for this season!

Meet the Team! 

Dylan Shewfelt PDCK Manager
I am Dylan the Playa del Carmen Kiteboarding Co-Owner and Manager. I have been involved with PDCK for more then 5 years and love every minute of it. I learned how to kite in Playa del Carmen and have not stopped since. Its been my main focus for the past 7 years and has taken me on many different journeys and I have met so many interesting people along the way!
That is what I love about this sport, anyone can learn and all walks of life come and take on the sport for many different reason!

We look forward to meeting YOU this year!
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Kiteboarding started in 2011 when Doug was in Zanzibar working underwater as a dive instructor. When he was not working in diving he was over at the water-club with me sailing small catamarans into the waves for some trill or kiteboarding!
After his Zanzibar adventure came to an end, Doug came to meet up with me in Mexico to continue with his diving Photography/videography. On time off he would come over and kite with us at PDCK, soon realising he wanted to continue his kiteboarding education and become an IKO instructor, get better at the sport to fill his adrenaline side and make some money doing something he loves.

He has become an important part of the team with his up beat friendly go getter attitude, and always looking out for his students best interest, teaching as safe and fun as he can.

He is just getting back from 3 months of improving his kite skills in the meca of kiteboarding, Cabarete Dominican Republic. With some New gear and a fresh energy ready to tackle the new season!!

Started kiteboarding in 2008. Home spot Toronto Canada where he enjoys sweet waters and sweet winds on the Great Lakes.

Martin loves nature and all aspects of it. Preferred riding style is strapless wave riding. He has a passion for creating new things and exploring the unexplored!

When he is not on the surfboard he is shedding the mountain on his bike, creating art or build things.

Owner and creator of Mobe Kitewear clothing line.
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 Martina & Stefano
An inseparable couple from Italy (they are still together even after Stef, some years ago, thought it could have been fun to teach his girlfriend how to kite!). They are in love, with water sports and everything that connect them with Nature, discovery and different cultures. 
They love kiteboarding so much that they made the tough decision of leave their jobs to spend their life together on the most beautiful beaches around the world, sharing their passion for the sport.
In the meantime they are running "Project-a" a traveling photographic project to keep their friends updated about their movements and promote the activities of associations in support of environmental sustainability and local communities. Check out their journy here!
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If you have any question for any particular Team member, we would love to hear from you!
Feel free to email your questions to us!
Check out our blog for other updates!
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