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HydroFoil Kite lessons in Mexico

PDCK LOVES FOILBOARDING and we want to share the love with you in a safe way!

We are stocked to be the only kiteboarding school in Riviera Maya offering HydroFoil lessons with learner friendly equipment and great tips to move you through your hydrofoil progression! By no means is Hydrofoiling easy, its still a challenge, its just making things much safer and cooler!

We offer private lessons with our Hydrofoil set up, We have 4 different mast sizes. From separate masts of incremental lengths- 15” (38cm), 24” (61cm) and 30” (76cm) and the stock mass at 35.5” (90cm). This set up comes from Slingshot

The steps are easy: First we start of with talking about safety and how to manage your foil board off and on the water. We give you simple techniques that will make your foil life much easier. The board has a lot of resistance in the water when not riding it, it makes having the right technique to manoeuvre the board around to get it on your feet essential to help save energy and reduce struggle.

We start off with the Taxi mast, getting you to touch and go with good control and ease. This reduces stress of massive crashes and you start to get your first feeling of flying on the magic carpet! Once you feel comfortable with the touch and goes, we will change the mast one size up and let you go SOLO mode, this is where you start to experience the real flight! 

The progression is fast and easy with the Flight school program. You can learn at your own pace with no fear or stress. The different sizes are made to let you progress little by little with minimal risk. We are there to guide you with great tips and tricks, as well as get you back up wind, and help you save energy. Every step of the way we are there to give you confidence and re-enforce your training. We also went through the foil growing pains and know how it can be!  CHECK OUT MY VIDEO HERE!

We require you to have good kite skills and able to ride up wind and transition with no problems. Hydrofoiling is the most difficult aspect of kiteboarding at the moment and it will take a couple sessions to start and get a feel for it. Once you get it you will be hooked because it can take you places you never dreamed of in speeds you dream of!! 

The progressions are made so you can learn at your own pace. If we feel you are doing well and feel comfortable, you can rent the board with the Taxi or Solo and start practicing on your own. 

For more tips and trick Slingshot has put together a free online training academy. 
This is not to replace lessons, this is to help you while taking lessons or after lessons once you have the basics!

When will you come and visit us for your first foil session?

Photos are from slingshot and PDC kiteboarding.

Feel Free to contact us for anything yo

Feel Free to contact us for anything you need for kiteboarding


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